Wednesday, August 02, 2006

:: disappointed ::

yah.. it's true. y? kc ung sa project sa math. ung mini quizbee. sayang tlga. 1 point na lng. d pa ko nkapasok. kainis!! d wrong thing is ung nsa scratch paper ko, tama, pro ung answer na ipapakita, mali! grr.. dat's wat i hate. i even siad to mam "mam, tama ung nsa scratch paper ko, ung d2 lng (sa clearbuk) ung mali!" dis is really one of d worst days in my life!! sbhin na lhat ng tao na mayabang ako, but i have no choice but to perfect the periodical exam. un na lng ung chance ko. mababa sa homeworks, project, seatworks, quizzes. i must do my best in d exam. i hope my chance pa ko bukas! coz dat is my only chance.. un na lng!!! i nid God's help.. and ur help too..

Posted by ceejaye at 2:47 AM