Wednesday, August 23, 2006

:: mariel's haus.. it's pretty!! ::

hi.. 2day is d feast day of St. Rose.. Mariel (Agraan) and I went 2 market market!! la lng.. we watched Oh My Ghost.. gus2 nya Sukob kaso, takot ako ehh!!! hahaha!!! tpos nag-timezone.. tpos ice cream... den we went 2 her house... ang ganda!!! ang cute ng mga dogs!!! but I'm afraid of dogs... pro cute!! hahaha... uhm... it's nice tlga!!! uhm... i jss came home... from their beautiful house... hayy... and d puppies.. kht takot ako sa dogs.. ang cute!!!! grabehh!!!! haha. nabading daw sa aso!! joke!! aniwey.. aun.. memorable 'tong day na toh...!! ever!!!

Posted by ceejaye at 3:11 AM