Thursday, August 10, 2006

:: she's really stupid!! ::

u know, r tcher in *toot*, she's verryy STRICT!! no, she's a b***h!! d exam is hard! tlgang mahirap!! sumabog na nga utak nmin ehh!!
bka wlang pumasa! khit ung mga smart sa batch, nahirapan den!! wat a f**k!!
i don't know wats wid her.. pro she's sooo... uhh.. i can't say it!! bsta! it's really disappointing coz fave subject ko ung subject nya b4!! but wen she became our tcher, naghirap na ang buhay nmen!! she's da worst thcer i ever had!! cguro nman kilala nyo cya freshmen!! i miss r former tcher in dat subject!! she's about to celebrate her bday. dat's y gus2 nmin cyang regaluhan!!
it's hard to say gudbye to her!! our batch miss her badly!!!

Posted by ceejaye at 2:15 AM