Monday, September 25, 2006

:: wla lng. ::

ei. wassup? nyaha. hay. ds day is a very tiring day. grabe!! full of happenings.. ds day.. one of d worst days evah!! pramis. not dat worse.. pro kinda. well bcuz of sumthin lng tlga. i mean. problem arived na. no. d cya problem. prang ano lng. uhm. pagsubok?.!? haha. i call it like that. i want to tell everyone.
" you can never be right if everyone says your wrong. accept the truth and never let pride win in your heart. never close the door in your heart coz if it will be closed, it's hard to open it again. if pride makes you happy, then you're not a person. "
oh. di ito malalim ha. bka sbhin nyo, malalim toh. eh ang babaw nga lng ng mga words na toh eh. isa pang quote...
" never let someone bring you down. be happy but be sure that your not stepping on someone. if so, it's not called happiness at all coz your a traitor . "
wat i hate most is pride. It damages friendships, relationships and it can never be erased easily in ur heart. :D

Posted by ceejaye at 2:52 AM