Tuesday, January 16, 2007

:: cheering.. ::

hayy.. dry run na.!! go freshmen.!! kinakabahan ako.!! we're not yeat done wd d song.. but of course, we'll finish it.!! as in todo na toh to the max.!! grabe.! we're all nervous na sna wlang pumalpak sa cheering..!! hayy.. let'z give our best.!! LET'S GO FRESHMEN.! LET'S FIGHT FRESHMEN.. go freshmen.!! 1st cheering toh.! let's make this a memorable one.!! kaya natin toh freshmen.!! go dancers, go pep, go props men.!! nood kayo ha support freshmen,!.. go freshmen.!! ipakita natin na kya natin.!! GO FRESHMEN FIGHT.!!

Posted by ceejaye at 6:28 PM