Wednesday, May 30, 2007

:: aly ::

hi. know wat, alyanna detera is back!! haha. you read it right!! she's back. we went to powerplant to meet her.. then to powerstation for some bondings chuva... and to have fun... tpos we ate at shakeys kung saan nainis nmin ung waitress nila.. haha. sorry. BTW, i'm with erika, kaye-anne, dustine, yna (alyanna's cuzin) and of course, alyanna. aun.. grabe, alyanna looks like a rock chic!! anyway, i saw Ms. Goloy and Ms. Lopez in KFC. pero they didn't see me (i hope so. gee.!!) aun. haha. school is near na!! tatamarin na nman lahat ng kabataan sa Pilipinas... JOKE!! ako lng un. kidding. :p see yah soon, roseƱas.

Posted by ceejaye at 2:30 AM