Saturday, January 12, 2008

CSR survey. ♥

Got an 83 below in Calculus?
~ nope. wla pa kaming calculus.

Got a C in conduct?
~ nope. not yet. haha.

Had been sent to the to the Disciplines office?
~ pumupunta lng pag may nagpapasama sakin. :D

Hung out at the Guidance office?
~ not really. minsan lng.

Cheated in a test/exam?
~ uhm.. yup.

Got caught cheating?
~no no.. magaling magtago toh.

Texted in class?
~ i don't bring phones sa school.

Got caught texting/phone beeped?
~ hmm.never

Cut classes?
~not really cutting.. takas sa class lng.

Wore the complete uniform, no long nails, no make up,no large colorful earrings?
~ yea.

Didn’t want to wear the CSR socks?
~ndi nman.. i just don't wear it.

Got slips from the disciplines office?
~yea. ung mga late and absent slips.

Used another an ordinary 1 whole paper because you're out of CSR quiz pad?
~no. nanghihingi ako.

Forged reply slips?
~ no..

Borrowed an equipment from the AV and never returned it?
~ nope.

Became a Student Council?
~ no.

Fought with the lady guard?
~ndi. bait nga nya eh.

Was fetched late by your school bus?
~ no. commute lng ako.

Went to school after 7:30am?

Stayed at the 'Kalachuchi Area'/benches during recess or lunch?

Went to Powerplant?
~ yup. syempre nman.

Went to the Clinic?
~yea. pag may nagpapasama.

Watched annual schoolplay?

been either a cheerdancer/ pep/ prod/ cast?
~ pep.

Went to the clinic during THE class?
~ no. pero d ako nkikinig sa class.

Did the flag raising seriously?
~ no. sa 4th yr. pa un.

Actually read Screeve?
~ yea.

Still have your diary na halos di rin ginamit?
~ oo. pero i don't write sa diary. iniiwan ko sa cabinet un.

Thought that Mrs. Adri is the BEST calc teacher?
~uhm.. d ko cya naging tcher sa calculus. math lng. but she's good.

~ don't remember

Forgot to bring your lab apron?
~ haha.yes.

Actually read Florante at Laura?
~ yes.kelangan eh kht boring.

Actually read Noli Me Tangere?
~ not yet.

Prayed the rosary every after period?

Went to the library to study?
~ research lng.. not study. :D

Broke a lab material?
~ never ;p

Dissected a frog without gloves?
~ yeah.i fell dizzy pa nga.ako ata ung nahilo kaysa ung frog.haha.

Participated during intrams?
~ always :D volleyball :D

Listened during health discussion?
~ minsan. pag nsa mood.

Sang the school hymn with her heart that one last time?
~hmmm.... :)

Used her songbook?
~ no.. i don't even know if i have it.

Memorized the Vision-Mission?
~kinda. kelangan eh.

Got a minor offense for having long fingernails?
~ no.

Wasn’t seated to her assigned seat?
~ minsan... ang saya kaya lumipat ng place.

Ate the school famous puto for lunch?

Bought at the cake avenue?
~oo nman. yumyum.!

Loved hawhaw?
~what's hawhaw?

Thought that the service at the cafeteria was slow?

Misses the long line for carbonara and lasagna?
Bought candies/chocolates for the next class?
~ always.!

Vandalized the tables at the caf/ or the door at the restrooms?

Finished hw in the classroom before flag ceremony?
~ always.. pati nga class hours i'm doing homeworks. nahuli nga ako one time eh. c mrs. perez pa. haha.

Hung out at the caf after school?
~ minsan.

Escaped from the guard to buy food?
~ no

reached mt. makiling?
~ no.

had a crush on ms. suelto?
~ no...

been r1, r2, r3. r4?

led the morning prayer at the field assembly?
~ no

shared during the thursday auditorium worship?
~ yea... nkakakaba sobra!

kept your things in the classroom cabinet nstead of your locker?
~always.! from grade 6 til now.!!

kept your things in the 'bodega'?

went 'kamias hunting', and ask for salt at the school kitchen?
~ nope.

surfed the net during computer class?

been a sharer during worship?
~ often. pag nsa mood tska pag nkikipag-switch ung classmates. :)

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